Pain Point HR Department Faces When Not Implementing HRMS

Retention & Recruitment 

Younger workers are less loyal than baby boomers to their employers. The younger generation wants career flexibility and will readily leave for a better offer
  • Retention is difficult when a company can’t match pay and benefits with those of competitors.Surprisingly , one HR director improved retention by allowing some employees to were flip-flop to work.
  • Employee often leave because they don’t feel valued. HR must strive to hire supportive managers.
  • It’s difficult to recruit and retain applicants that have a positive attitude, are s “fit” with the corporate culture, and will take ownership of there work.

It Takes Forever To Get Statistical Analytics

All executives want answers. And most bosses aren’t willing to wait around to get them. To be an effective HR manager, you need to have systems in place that can cull and analyse huge amounts of employee data generate helpful, informative reports – using concise bullet points and summaries – that give C-level leaders that information they need to effectively make decisions.

Security Breaches Are often

It doesn’t gives a good impression of your company, when it is faced with multiple security breaches. A careless HR professional employing hundreds of people accidentally left a document that includes the pay rates of every employee in a garbage can that could be accessed by anybody.

Needless to say, somebody spotted it, discovered that they were being paid far less than other who had less experience and poorer performance evaluations then passed the document around to their co-workers.

Productivity Is Zero

Manual record keeping is very time consuming because all related records have to be updated by hand. Human Resource requires to take care of each business phase at every level, which makes it almost impossible. This may result into errors and mistakes which could hinder business operations.

Maintaining Compliance & Reducing Errors

Ever a minor error could result in considerable legal issues and even financial loss for the company. For example, when resumes are not reviewed in a fair and just manner during the hiring process, a lawsuit may ensue.


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